Blind Eyes & Muted Minds

from by Spoonukem



Today the G told me
All will be just fine

Today the G told me
(Just) a little more money this time

Today the G told me
Not to worry shut my eyes

Today the G told me
Nothing but more lies

It's hard to understand
just what you're sayin' to me

With all the propaganda
Floatin' in the oxygen

I'm not really sure
How it got flooded this far

But god damn, it's gotta end sometime, don'it?

Just what ta'fuck were you thinkin'
When you dropped the bomb

Radio frequencies - satellites
it's all the norm.

Surrendering our freedoms
For this fucking surveillance system.

I cannot understand
Why you're just standing still

You don't want to see our days
fade into this

God damn it, man,
wont you open your eyes?

God damn us all,
you've made all of us blind

Why can't we open our eyes
how long have we been so blind
I can't believe this is the end
So long, So long...


from Mechanized, released August 12, 2013



all rights reserved



I make noise and people think it's music.

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